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Civil War historian Tom Schobert brings to life one of the key personalities of the Civil War - 

General Robert E. Lee - in an enlightening and entertaining 45-minute presentation, 

"Four Days After Appomattox".

Step back in time to Thursday, April 13, 1865 as Confederate General Robert E. Lee is 

traveling to Richmond to join his family...just four days after he has surrendered the 

once mighty Army of Northern Virginia to his fiercest adversary, General U.S. Grant, 

Commander of the Union Army.


General Lee pauses to reminisce about his career as a military officer in the United States 

Army which culminated in President Lincoln's offer to command the U.S. forces seeking to 

quell the rebellion of the Southern states. Listen to his story about the agonizing decision 

he made to refuse Lincoln's offer and leave the U.S. Army. Learn of his subsequent decision to

command the armed forces of the Confederate States of America.


General Lee will talk about some of the key battles of the Civil War, including the crucial 

Battle of Gettysburg,  and will offer his candid  observations on why the Civil War was 

fought... and about his hopes for the future. Finally, you will hear his first hand account of 

the final days of the war and his momentous decision to surrender his Army.i